28V/70A Alternator

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How do we place the order on the Zhuoguang website?

1) Click on WhatsApp on the right to consult the price directly with us.

2) Send your relevant information to Contact Us, we will contact you immediately.

3) Add the product to the basket and fill out the form, please, the Manager will contact you after processing the requests.

When it comes to transportation, our company offers many options, including air, sea and land transportation such as DHL, EMS, TNT, UPS, etc.

Before delivery, we will take measures to protect the parts according to the customer's requirements, and we will use wooden boxes, wooden frames and other reinforced packaging to ensure that the parts are delivered to the customer's warehouse safe

Currently, we have exported spare parts to Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Philippines, Vietnam, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, etc. For many years we have kept close cooperation with customers.

For customers from different regions and countries, according to their needs, we choose the most convenient transportation method for each customer.

For goods transported by sea, depending on the country, it usually arrives within 30 days (the specific time depends on the actual situation); In the case of air cargo, it usually arrives in 7-10 days (depending on the actual situation); For ground transportation of goods, depending on the country / region, we will choose the most convenient and fastest way of transportation to ensure that the goods are not damaged and can reach the customer's warehouse quickly.

Whether it is sea, air or land transport, container or  bulk cargo, after each shipment, we will timely track the status of the transportation of goods and notify customers immediately of the status of the transport. Make sure our clients can receive the goods on time.

We always believe in Honesty, All-win and Sustainability. Your requirement is our working direction.

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